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Women's shoes are a fashion accessory and an important accent to any overall image.

No image will be complete without a stylish pair of shoes. Women's shoes are an accessory that can tell the owner's taste and preferences with 100% accuracy. For example, women who like to wear heels tend to choose feminine and graceful images. Women who value comfort first of all buy shoes with comfortable, flat soles. Any outfit will look completely different, depending on the shoes you choose. Try wearing pants and replacing elegant ballerinas with brightly colored sneakers. The office style will immediately transform into a casual style.

The presence of different footwear models in any modern girl's wardrobe is not a whim but a necessity. We offer you to get acquainted with the most famous types of women's shoes.

There are so many models and names of women's shoes that it is impossible to calculate the exact number. Each season, designers complicate our task and come up with new styles and names for fashionable women's footwear, modifying existing ones. For a good orientation in this range, use the convenient classification, which divides shoes into different categories: style, purpose, material, heel type, degree of closure, seasonality. Online shops always use this method in women's footwear catalogs. This makes it easier for customers to find and buy the right pair of women's shoes, even if they don't know the name. We recommend checking out the bonprix online store where you will find it
women's footwear collection, conveniently categorized.