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Men's briefcases and bags with discount handles

Men's handbags in business, everyday and avant-garde style - the most practical and functional basic accessory. They either have no shoulder straps or are complemented by carabiners. The main styles of such bags are:

Touti - compact models with rigid body, ergonomic handles, zipper or button; briefcases - classic accessory with a conservative design in black or brown; choppers - soft "bag" bags with a vertically elongated rectangular shell; ; Laptop Bags - Versatile simple or casual style models that can carry a laptop. With functional interior and pockets of various configurations.

For a smart catual or boho chic look, you can choose a bag with a frame lock and zipper, or a sport bag with shoulder straps complemented by short handles.

Traditional men's portfolio materials are genuine leather with smooth texture or artificial aging effect, granular nappa, eco-leather with various textures. Low-cost youth models often use nylon and polyester - these fabrics are resistant to moisture, scratches and other mechanical damage and can be painted in any shade. Customers also choose natural textiles - canvas, denim, linen, cotton. Most of the accessories are decorated only for informal images: they have stripes, closed stitches, prints and color details in the form of color blocks.