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Miniature Klatsch - a stylish and functional accessory

It is safe to say that women all over the world are truly grateful to the creator of the clutch. There are really so many situations in life when we just have the phone, the powder and the keys at our fingertips - not to take a three-piece everyday bag! In such cases, the ladies of fashion are helped by the clatter. Klatchi are women's handbags designed for a limited number of items. Whilst originally seen as an indispensable attribute of evening wear, today they are worn with almost any style of clothing. Today's jersey designs are striking: they are made of a variety of materials, decorated with glitter, sequins, embroidery, feathers, frill. The size of the eyeglasses is also different: you can find both purses and eyeglasses in stores, which can easily fit a tablet.

However, there are a number of important rules to consider when choosing a trick. First of all, seasonality. Klatch is, first and foremost, a summer accessory, so when combined with a winter coat or jacket, it won't look quite right when it's made of lightweight materials. A great solution for girls who prefer to wear fur in the winter is leather patches with fur trim. During the warm season, let go of your fantasy by choosing a sweatshirt: choose from leather, clothes, natural materials, plastic. Of course, we recommend paying attention to the overall style of your image. Rectangular envelopes in the form of an envelope are perfect for business-style outfits - this shape gives the impression that you are holding a stylish folder with documents. Slippers made from satin or silk with beautiful bulky applications are perfect for romantic dresses. Unusual shapes or textures look great with smart casual wear: in this case, a small accessory becomes the centerpiece of the image.

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The Brandberry.eu online store offers a large collection with a wide variety of brows. Here you can find suitable models of the above mentioned images. The variety of colors and shapes will allow you to unleash your imagination by choosing stylish outfits. And, to help you, we publish valuable tips that will definitely help you choose the right fit from Brandberry.eu. How to combine this little accessory by color? The most advantageous option is a monochrome boot and shoes: in this case, you do not have to choose accessories that exactly match the dress, it is enough to maintain the overall color direction. Another interesting option is the presence of the klatt as a color accent. In this case, you can safely use a bright little bag that does not match the color of your basic clothing. Another important rule is the harmonious combination of simple and colorful textures: if your dress is solid color - don't be afraid to choose a colorful jersey matching the tone. However, if you chose a bright colored dress - you shouldn't mix accents - prefer monochrome cleats.

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