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Backpack - an indispensable accessory for women's wardrobe

Today, European fashion trends are gaining popularity. European women value comfort and convenience, so they choose clothes and accessories that not only look fashionable and stylish, but also do not restrict movement. The dynamic style of modern life dictates its rules: often during the day we have a lot to move around, to attend different events. And that's why today's fashion ladies are increasingly choosing more practical things - like backpacks rather than handbags. Unlike many other fashion designers, this fashion trend was not invented. On the contrary, leading fashion houses, noticing the growing popularity of backpacks, responded to this trend in a timely manner. Even the classic fashion house Chanel has released its own collection of backpacks: maestro Karl Lagerfeld, following the mighty Coco Chanel philosophy, could not leave the backpacks unimpressed.

Nowadays, backpack collections are astonishing in their variety: in addition to classic sports and school bags, you can find gorgeous small backpacks, stylish backpacks and briefcases that fit perfectly with the business style; romantic backpacks made from thin delicate fabrics will be a great addition to your romantic look.

Brandberry.eu collection of backpacks for the most daring characters

With the stylish collection of backpacks from the Brandberry.eu online store, you can easily find the right model for countless styles. For example, try to make a kit in today's modern biker style. Creating images in this style is very easy: base on the casual style of everyday things (such as jeans and a neutral T-shirt), take on heavy heels with metal details, a jacket and rivets backpack - you will get a great look for a party or evening for a walk with friends.

Casual backpacks made of leather or thick fabric with interesting prints are perfect for casual dresses. Both versions of the rucksack are available in a large assortment at www.Brandberry.eu.ru. We recommend keeping the color balance: if your clothes are already embossed, it is better to choose a backpack in one color. If you choose clothing in calm colors - with a bright backpack with print you can properly accent the accents.

An elegant leather backpack will be a great addition to your business image. Try to create the following image: In classic black pants with a length of seven-eighths, choose a thin chiffon blouse, add a light Chanel-type jacket and platform shoes. One of the small leather backpacks from Brandberry.eu is a perfect match for this image: this interesting set won't go unnoticed! Plus, with a backpack you'll be much more comfortable, especially if your work involves frequent commuting: you can take whatever you need and free your hands.

Appreciate the style and comfort of this stunning fashion novelty - buy a trendy backpack from Brandberry.eu!