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Men's sweatshirts and hoodies are those sportswear models that are widely used today not only during training but also to create original youthful looks. Most of these things are easy to combine with jeans and casual pants, sneakers and sneakers.

The main advantage of the products is their versatility: they stretch easily, absorb moisture well, warm up and restrict movement even in multi-layered sets combined with t-shirts, long sleeves or shirts. The choice of material depends mainly on the season: felt or wool for winter and cotton for summer. Synthetics should not be ignored either: modern faux fabrics have excellent properties, especially when it comes to sportswear.

Due to their versatility, sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies and sweaters have gained a true love of designers. Today, the most popular themes in their design are all kinds of vintage motifs, graphics in the form of numbers and logos, as well as symbols of various subcultures. Norwegian models and contrast lining are often used in winter collections.