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Men's shoes without laces at a discount

Men's moccasins

Elegant and comfortable moccasins are an "informal" alternative to classic men's shoes. Low-heeled soft heels are incredibly comfortable and easy to combine with everyday wear.

The styles are very different:

Santin moccasins (the most popular model with a low cut and leather joint that can be worn even with classic costumes); moccasins with zipper shoes; moccasin-type shoes with a brushed décor; Venetian moccasin shoes (shoes without additional details); fringe models (perfect for chinos pants); Slip-ons (velvet-woven shoes with small heels).

Very original moccasin type models are Valor Wolf, iD! Collection, Vitacci, Salamander, Dino Ricci, Roberto Botticelli, Paolo Conte, Tesoro, Bekerandmiller, Francesco Donni and many other well-known men's shoe manufacturers. Each designer solves the stylistic problem in his own way, but there are still general trends: one tone, sharper toe, textures (crocodile, snake skin, textured leather treatment).