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Types of Beach Slippers (Flip Flop)

As mentioned above, the main purpose of the sneaker is to give your feet rest and relaxation. That's why sneakers are in demand not only on the coast, but also in a bustling city. Depending on how and with whom you plan to wear sneakers, it depends on their model.

Urban slippers are more suited to regular casual wear, made from more durable materials (leather, polyurethane, thick fabric, etc.) and partially replace everyday summer shoes. Such slippers are not always suitable for beach relaxation, and can quickly become worthless when in contact with water and sand.

Beach slippers are usually made from environmentally friendly materials that will prevent your feet from sweating and skin irritation. The most suitable material for making slippers is cork. Cork slippers are very comfortable and comfortable on the beach, and they look very natural and stylish.

Rubber or lightweight plastic footwear, which dries quickly, does not slip on wet surfaces (floor or pool edges) and is not exposed to sea salt and sand, is still very popular today. Lightweight plastic slippers allow you to move freely in the water.