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Men's shoes with laces at a discount

You can't imagine a modern man's wardrobe without men's shoes - it's a style-building detail that sets the right tone for the entire ensemble. Classical oxfords are most suited to formal business suits, derby and monk are a great complement to office wear, and loafers look great in casual wear. The variety of styles and shapes is simply amazing - fashion designers master the traditional styles and endlessly experiment with decorating to create original shoe models for all occasions.

Loake, Fonts and Salamander focus on thick toothed soles, Guido Grozzi, Conhpol and Dino Ricci use reptile skin motifs, Francesco Donni and Galax add a split patent leather toe, Aldo and Paolo Vandini use an aging effect, and Roberto Botticelli boldly decorates his creations Ostrich printing.