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Women's shoes - a fresh part of a stylish image

Every woman has her own tricks when creating fashion circles. But for many, shoes are the ultimate secret weapon. Properly selected pair of women's shoes will harmoniously complement any outfit. The model you choose can attract the attention of others with unusual details or bright colors, or it can have a simple design and a traditional color scheme of shoes. Regardless of which option you prefer, there is no doubt that wearing stylish and comfortable shoes will make your run more confident, increase your self-esteem, and appear elegant and sophisticated.

What shoes to choose? The answer to this question depends on many factors. The first thing to consider when buying shoes is purpose, seasonality, quality of stitches and materials, fashion trends and, of course, personal preferences. Nowadays, buying women's shoes that will fully meet your needs and desires is quite simple. Nowadays, the choice of stores is very diverse. For example, in online stores specializing in women's footwear, you can easily find women's footwear of the right size, color and style.

The main types and variations of women's footwear

Shoes can be classified according to different criteria. Let's look at the most important ones, knowing which ones you can better understand the variety of models and styles of this type of shoe.

Depending on the season you can distinguish:

Off-season shoes. Autumn-spring women's shoes are most often closed models made of durable materials that do not allow moisture to penetrate. In such versatile shoes, which can have different shapes and patterns, you will be comfortable in any situation.

Summer shoes. Hot-season models are usually made of breathable materials such as soft leather, textiles, velor. Widespread sandals, open heel or toe styles as well as shoes with perforations and side slits.

By type of heel and type of sole they distinguish between:

Shoes with a thin heel. The most popular shoe model with heel height of 8 centimeters and more, which is characterized by a special grace and is suitable for women with any physique.
Such shoes look equally great with evening dress, business suit and jeans.

Shoes with thick heel. A wide heel can be of various heights and shapes. It is stable and extremely popular at a time when convenience and comfort are at the forefront. High-elevation models look particularly impressive. Designers like to highlight heels, such as embellishments and prints, and choose bright colors and unusual textures for their designs.

Low-heeled or flat shoes. The patterns in this group are most often used for everyday wear. The heel usually does not exceed 2 centimeters and is sometimes completely absent. In these shoes, your feet will rest even if you spend all day on the move.

Shoes on the platform. Their main difference from previous options is the massive sole. In addition to the height of the heel, which may be of any shape, the platform shall be placed only on the toes. Such stylish and impressive shoes look especially good with dresses and skirts. The platform is also continuous and the model resembles high-rise ballerinas on high soles. Great variation for everyday circles.
Wedge shoes. The sole of these women's shoes is a curved, continuous platform with elevation. Shape and height can be very different. Closed shoes with a solid wedge are a great alternative to stiletto heels. Braided wedge heels are a must-have for recent summer seasons.