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Men's sports shoes with discount

Men's sneakers and boots

Men's Winter Sneakers & Boots - Thermal-athletic shoes with rubber or combination soles. Winter patterns are distinguished by the material: nubuck, leather and imitation suede, inserts of coarse wool, fleece, wool, natural or imitation fur. In cold weather, high-heeled models are created to cover the ankle, including thickened soles.

Foreign manufacturers make a distinction between "European" winters, which are similar to local late autumn weather conditions. They should be guided by the label (given in the temperature description). Don't use it literally: the number represents the frost resistance of the product itself, not the marginal comfort level of its owner.

The bots are distinguished by a reinforced tread and deep sole relief, raised toe and close-fitting upper.

Sneakers have a simplified design and a less bulky appearance. In winter, the sole is covered with a slight relief, which makes it uncomfortable to wear in ice.

Boots for outdoor activities (trekking boots). They have elastic soles as boots and the upper as insulated boots. There are special inserts on the toe and heel for durability.

Shoes in sports style - models that resemble bots in style, with a harder or multi-layer elastic sole.