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Men's underwear with discounts

Men's lingerie collections of local and international brands are represented by comfortable hand-knit fine knitwear, mixed elastic fabrics with a low content of synthetics and pure cotton. It has a comfortable cut and has no sophisticated decor. Informal and youthful collections' designs can include prints - in the form of inscriptions and sports symbols.

Men's underwear represents the following categories:

Underpants - swimwear, boxers, close-fitting trousers, as well as comfortable elongated retro models from River Islan, Only & Sons, Boos and other brands in affordable kits from 2 to 5. T-shirts and shirts - Strap on straps, comfy t-shirts and long sleeve sweatshirts can be worn with basic things and as an independent element of a light image. Five Basics and Emporio Armani are practical models of natural textiles. Pajamas - Kits with long sleeves, T-shirts, shorts or pants are usually used for sleeping and resting. Tommy Hilfiger is available in modern pajamas. Shorts and pants - models from knitwear and heavy cotton (Quicksilver, Polo Ralph Lauren, Guess) differ from sports with a simpler cut, stretch or soft elasticated belt.