For product care


Determine what materials are used to make your shoes:

ANILINE: soft, dyed with aniline paint, retains the natural wrinkling of the skin;
LEATHER WITH A PAINTED SURFACE: the skin rib under the paint is indistinguishable;
NUBUKS AND SUEDAS: silky carded (calf or lamb) skin;
OILED NUBUK: surface treated, matte, slightly greasy;


Regardless of the material, the shoes must be thoroughly cleaned before care: follow the manufacturer's instructions exactly when using the cleaner.
Allow the shoes to dry at room temperature. Do not use a washing machine, dryer, radiators, spin dryer, oven or hair dryer, and do not place shoes in the immediate vicinity of the heat source or in direct sunlight.
To keep the shoe in shape, fill wet shoes with either paper or a special shoe rail.


After drying, remove large dirt with a special brush or sponge. Use special waxes and oils for care, follow exactly their instructions for use.

Shoes clean thoroughly with shoe shampoo and warm water. Never wash leather shoes in a washing machine. Avoid detergents that contain chlorine-containing bleach. When the shoes are dry, it is recommended to use skin care products. Use either a light or dark care product depending on the color of the shoes.

When the shoes are dry, remove dust and dried mud with a special nylon or metal brush or sponge. Once the major dirt has been removed, rub the contaminated areas with a suede stone or treat with a special care product, allow to dry, and then carefully shed the shoes in one direction. Do not use water for cleaning, as this may permanently damage the shoe upper material. Oil and major dirt are removed with a special suede and nubuck care product. Suede needs to be treated periodically (once a month) with a moisture repellent, as this type of skin is very sensitive to moisture.

First clean with a soft brush or cloth, then use appropriate care products - special oils. Compared to conventional nubuck, oiled nubuck is significantly more durable in a variety of weather conditions.

Always very easy to clean materials, it is recommended to treat them with a moisture-repellent care product before starting intensive wear. Sports shoes made of synthetic material can be washed by hand using a soft brush, warm (35 ° C) water and washing powder "Sensitive" / gel or a special shoe cleaner.

Clean the dried dirt with a soft brush. Clean shoes with dedicated cleaners.
Protects shoes made of textile material from frequent exposure to moisture and uses special impregnating or water-repellent agents for this purpose.
Special stain removers are used to remove stains, which can be analogous to those used for cleaning suede shoes.


It is irrelevant to submit a claim to the store if:
1. The product is worn out. Each product has a decent lifespan according to its type of use and intensity of wear, no product can last forever.
2. The product has not been used for its intended purpose or in accordance with the intended conditions of use.
3. The product is improperly cared for or not cared for at all.
If you have done everything right yourself and are still in trouble, there is reason to be dissatisfied. However, in such cases, we recommend that you be sensitive - the service provider is not to blame for product quality problems. Decent behavior in the mood of the seller in any case to find a mutually satisfactory solution.
If a defect is found, please stop wearing the product and contact your dealer.
Before returning the defective product, please clean the product thoroughly and dry it thoroughly!